17/05/10 Charles' KP10
Charles gets a few beers in him before getting the 10 tricks done for Kingpin.

10/05/10 SKATE 3
EA SKATE 3 will be out this week featuring Lucas again and now Joey as well. Team couch will be going off!

06/05/10 CPH PRO 2010
Stoked to be part of the best European contest this year!

04/05/10 Keystone starts with...
Cliché is hitting the road in France. Jeremie and the team will be organising a high ollie contest in between sessions. Flow UK John Tanner, flow France Boris Proust and a special guest will also have a seat in the VW Transporter. Note that we will also hit up Belgium for a couple of days. Whats Keystone all about? You will soon find out.

30/04/10 La Baguette Cliché
The new Cliché Baguette complete was tested and approved during last months Flamenco tour in Espana. Available from your local bakery!

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