30/03/10 Gypsea time!
Charles is a fulltime gyppo! Lucas still in front by miles...

29/03/10 Go Brophy!
Brophy will do great things for your country, no doubt!

27/03/10 SKATEfilms.tv
Heres a little Flamenco tour appetizer courtesy of skatefilms.tv, expect a little edit from Junior in the next few weeks. Great trip and good vibes with the Flamenco crew in Barca.

26/03/10 Sammy
Sammy is already a king but check the Gypsea tour and vote. Its going to be tough beating Lucas now...Lets see what happens April 1st.

26/03/10 TWS x Fred
The lost art of black and white with French Fred in the latest Transworld. A breath of fresh air with classic photos of Lucas and Charles. Fred to shoot photos for the next Cliché trip?

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