01/04/10 Gypsea King soon?
Does Lucas really need anymore votes? Tune in next week to see who get the crown from Ricardo.

31/03/10 GypsyBenny
Benny was the best guest you could hope for. Gyppo king no matter what. Lucas looking good to get his Gypsy King crown.

31/03/10 Flo x Gypsea
Flo is second right now, pretty good considering this was his first Gypsy tour. Lucas with three tours of duties under his belt has helped for sure. Koh Lanta special Gypsy guest next year?

30/03/10 Cliché Italia
Cliché and Blast distribution get the Espresso tour ready for next month. More update soon.

30/03/10 Gypsea time!
Charles is a fulltime gyppo! Lucas still in front by miles...

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