20/03/10 Cliché United Nations board
The limited signed boards sold out on the Berrics Canteen in a matter of hours. Expect the board and tee in your local skateshop next week. You are welcome Reda!
19/03/10 Euskadi Javi
Javier hits up the Basque Country in front of Don Gregos camera and the waaataa near La Kantera. Rippin Javi!

18/03/10 VS Free For All
Joeys shop sponsor Val Surf has an online video contest that Brophy may help judge when he returns to LA from OZ next month.

18/03/10 Texto
You got all that Reda?

18/03/10 KP # 75
Flo switch heels with his eyes closed in the new Kingpin magazine. Thats a few packs of Marlboros in incentives for sure...

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