22/01/10 Resumé party Los Angeles
Join us at the Resumé party at the HUF store in LA next Friday for a few beers. Skate session hosted by Val Surf the next day with the team.

21/01/10 New JB commercial
After Lucas and Flo, its now JBs time to shine. Enjoy!

21/01/10 Cliché x Venture
Keep an eye out for the Cliché x Venture trucks hitting your local skateshops soon. Click on the image for the JB itw.

20/01/10 Cliché United Nations
Lucky to have a dry spot to skate this week in LA!
20/01/10 Resumé wood
The Resumé boards are out, get your seven postcards insert and get back to the old school way of sending a message to someone...Stamps not included.

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