31/05/10 Sammy 10 with KP
Sammy gives the Cliché banana cruiser a go in Italy for Kingpin. Too easy mate!

28/05/10 Sammy Winter has got what it takes...
Sammy was stuck in Lyon last month for a couple of weeks because that volcano decided to spread its ashes all over Europe and buckle down all flights. French Fred made the most of it thats for sure. Go for it Sammy!!!

26/05/10 John Tanner
UK flow John Tanner is officially now on Es. Hes currently on the Keystone tour with Jeremie in Lille. Hope the weather clears up for Bruxelles tomorrow.

26/05/10 Louie in France
Jeremie invited Louie to be our guest on the Keystone tour. Got to love the baguette!
26/05/10 The Mag° # 76
The new Skateboard mag is out with the Cliché article by Reda. Expect a French Fred clip real soon.

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