26/07/10 JB is GOLD!
JB and Gold have come up with a sick new wheel! Red Card indeed!

26/07/10 Charles Gypsy trip
Charles hit the road with Lucas and mates to celebrate the launch of his Etnies Jameson colourway. Click to see the video.

26/07/10 Checking in with Ricardo
Chris Nieratko interviews Ricardo in Portugal. Look out for an americans invade Ricardos land in a future issue of The Skateboard Mag. Nice shirt papa!

If you didnt know last Friday then now you know.

22/07/10 Espresso video
Sammy with most of the team drove from Lyon to Milan, Italy earlier this year to skate and enjoy a great Resumé book exhibition at the Bastard shop. Cliché would like to thank Blast distribution for all the support and for making it all happen. Filmed and edited by Junior.

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