22/09/10 Fall is here!
The new Fall 2010 boards and clothing in your local skateshop now. Dont forget to check in with our Facebook page too.

17/09/10 La Cliche Promo Video by French Fred
LA CLICHE PROMO video by French Fred got over 50 000 plays in the last 2 days. Lets keep it rolling. If you run a skateshop or blog then embed the video and spread the word. Click like also and we will pick a winner randomly...New board signed by the team? Dont forget to check out Freds slideshow and the new Fall 2010 boards too. Thanks for the all support!

16/09/10 Brophy unlocks!
Brophy gets his Keystone board above Biebels picnic table. Unlock that pop and get your hands on a Keystone today.

French Fucking Fred does it again!

14/09/10 Fred Mortagne itw
Check this Fred Mortagne interview before LA CLICHE PROMO video is live tomorrow.

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