25/05/10 Mauro
Mauro Caruso from Italy is flying up to Paris today to join Jeremie on the Keystone ollie tour. Check his itw in Davide Biondani s new online magazine, A Brief Glance. Go Italia!

24/05/10 Joey exposed last month...
Joey in the last Skateboard Mag. Tweet it mate!

19/05/10 Keystone Carbonlight video
Brophy snaps a massive ollie with his Keystone prototype pro board during the filming of the Cliché United Nations earlier this year. See all angles and get ready to unlock you pop with Keystone boards available in all good skateshops in the next few weeks.

17/05/10 Charles' KP10
Charles gets a few beers in him before getting the 10 tricks done for Kingpin.

10/05/10 SKATE 3
EA SKATE 3 will be out this week featuring Lucas again and now Joey as well. Team couch will be going off!

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