06/02/10 CCS Santa Monica
Final stop before the flight back across the Atlantic. Reda got us kicked out of the States! Thanks mate and again, we are Friends With The Colour Blue.
05/02/10 KP 74
The new Kingpin is out featuring Javier, Lucas and the new Flo ad.

Another tomorrow...
Its been a non stop mission in LA for the past three weeks camping out on Brophys floor. Catch a good mini ramp session tomorrow at the Vans skatepark before we all fly back Saturday.
02/02/10 10 Euros a day anyone?
Check the Gypsea teaser and get ready for the premiere tomorrow at Crossroads. It airs on Fuel TV Friday and will be online for all to see March 5th. Will Benny or Ricardo get the crown?

02/02/10 Gypsea premieres tomorrow at Crossroads
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