10/02/10 Cliché Calling
The April issue of Skateboarder is out with the Cliché Calling 14 page feature. Dont pay too much attention to Redas private joke on the Queen and the French though, he thought it was Wednesday when he wrote the article. The LA mission is a wrap and Espana looks like the next destination.

09/02/10 Jim Lizard flys!
Thanks to Charles the flight back to Europe was an easy one. Click on the pink Gypsy and check out the photos from the CCS instore we did before heading out to LAX.

08/02/10 John Tanner
Cliché UK John Tanner gets his ten tricks down in a line for Kingpin while we await the release of 10,000 Kilometers.

06/02/10 CCS Santa Monica
Final stop before the flight back across the Atlantic. Reda got us kicked out of the States! Thanks mate and again, we are Friends With The Colour Blue.
05/02/10 KP 74
The new Kingpin is out featuring Javier, Lucas and the new Flo ad.

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