03/03/10 And it starts...
A lot more to come...

02/03/10 10am til 8pm...
Transworld joined in on the session and filmed some of the stuff Brophy did on January 29th. Memories and moments from Los Angeles.

28/02/10 Javi news
Javier went on a 3 day mission up to San Jose when we were in LA last month to hang out with Thomas Campbell and to start filming for his new skate film. Check out the SLAP portfolio!

23/02/10 Spring time!
19/02/10 FREE in LA
View the slideshow from the LA trip last month and be sure to tune in on Monday for the Spring 10 catalogue. Thanks to all that made the trip possible, especially The Berrics, Reda, French Bloody Fred, HUF, CCS, Vans skatepark and VAL SURF.

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