Tell us a little bit about the graphic you drew for your One off board. What’s with your fascination for the VX-1000 ?
The VX-1000 is just the best camera for skateboarding.
I grew up watching vidéos filmed with it, and for me that’s the way footage looks the best, how it should be. Even the recorded sound from the VX is perfect...

How about the pixelated vibe ?
It’s just a good parallel with the vintage aspect of the camera...and it also matches my drawing skills.

What does the word “Josimard” on the board top stands for ?
Josimard is our homie crew from Lyon. 
It’s some weird slang to designate some sort of Redneck or Hick Joe.
We’re planning to drop a video around the same time this board will release. Filmed with VX for sure.

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