With there being a million pro skateboarders out there, some of you might not be that familiar with the name Flo Mirtain (especially us Americans), so let me explain. This summer Flo stayed with us at our small apartment in Bedstuy, Brooklyn (aka “The Island”) to film the World Leaders video we did with Cliche. Flo was super chill, down to party, and brave (or stupid) enough to be the dude who dressed up as Kim Jong-un for the video.

We all got along so well that Flo ended up extending his stay and hanging out another 2 weeks, skating, saying funny French things, and sleeping on our couch. After filming some new stuff in NYC and sitting on a minute or so more from his travels, we figured we’d try to put out a full part together. So after only 3 months of filming across NYC, Lyon, London, and Paris we are proud to present to you Flo Mirtain’s “Hot Feet” part.